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Durasol retractable awnings are affordable home accessories that enhance your home's appearance, help reduce energy cooling costs, and provide protection from the sun's damaging rays as well as inclement weather.

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By managing solar gain— extending awnings when shade is beneficial, and retracting when not— homeowners can significantly reduce energy consumption, while improving home comfort. ~ Michelle Sahlin, Managing Director of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA)

Versatile and Convenient

When you want sun control, nothing could be more convenient than flipping a switch or pressing a remote and watching your awning roll out effortlessly. When not needed, you retract the awning into its self-storage unit just as easily. Stop the awning in any position you choose or, once fully extended or retracted, the unit will stop automatically. If power is lost, Durasol's line of tubular motors incorporate a manual override that allows you to hand-crank the awning.

Conserve Energy

When extended, Durasol awnings help block the sun's rays from entering your home, providing up to a 90% reduction in solar heat gain through windows and glass doors. Awnings can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15°, saving you up to 25% on your cooling costs.1 On cool days, retracting your awnings allows the sun to help heat your home naturally.

Photo of Durasol retractable awningProtect Your Family, Pets, and Valuables

The acrylic fabrics used in retractable awnings provide a high level of UV protection. Outdoors, awnings provide shade and help protect your family and pets from the sun. They also keep the sun's heat and damaging UV and IR radiation out of your home, protecting your valuable furnishings, floor coverings, and window treatments.

Expand Your Living Space

Don't stay inside—use retractable awnings to extend your living space, turning your deck or patio into the perfect environment for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. Retractable awnings offer a long-term outdoor space solution at a lower cost than a home addition. Use awnings to create an upscale outdoor living room with the shape, dimension, and color that fits your home décor.

Get the Most Use Out of Your Outdoor Space

By providing shade on sunny days and light rain protection on inclement days, retractable awnings let you spend more time outdoors enjoying your deck or patio in comfort. Awnings reduce the temperature in shaded areas by 20° or more. With the touch of a button or spin of the crank, retractable awnings transform your deck, patio, or terrace into an attractive and comfortable expanded living space.

Photo of Durasol retractable awningEnhance Your Home's Appearance and Value

Retractable awnings can be the perfect shading solution when you want to add function, beauty, and elegance to your outdoor living space and home exterior. Retractable awnings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes design options limitless. Awnings can echo the architecture of a traditional residence or complement more modern-styled homes. They can add drama and impact to an otherwise ordinary facade and unify your indoor and outdoor décor.

Window and doorway awnings are a quick and affordable way to make your home more inviting, improve its “curb appeal”, and increase its value. A colorful fabric awning over your door can create a warm, welcoming front porch and help to set off home landscaping. Window awnings can brighten your home's exterior with a splash of color. Complete the custom look of your awnings with coordinating valance styles and braid colors for just the right finishing touch.

You can have your awnings installed almost anywhere: on a wall, over a window, under a skylight, over a pool, on your roof, under a soffit, over a solarium, on a boardwalk, or even free standing out in the open.

About Durasol Awnings

Durasol Awnings, Inc. has been America's best-selling brand and the industry leader of custom-made, professionally installed shading systems for over 25 years. Durasol retractable awnings are custom-built in the USA from the best materials and craftsmanship for a wise investment with lasting value.

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With Durasol's 99% customer satisfaction rate, you know you can rely on the quality of their products and service.

Durasol offers one of the largest selections of fabrics, frame colors, and product options to create your unique shading system. They use only the finest materials available from around the world, including:

Durasol's warranty covers all of their products for a period of 5 to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer's warranty for motors and fabric. Framework warranties range from 8 years to lifetime, depending on model.

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