Retractable Solar Screens

Photo of ABC Sun Control retractable exterior solar screen

Durasol and abc Sun Control retractable solar screens are versatile, attractive sun control products that increase the comfort and enjoyment of your home while saving you money. Their many benefits include:

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Conserve Energy

“The best place to shade a window is on the outside, before the sun strikes the window. Exterior shading devices have long been considered the most effective way to reduce solar heat gain into a home.” ~ The Efficient Windows Collaborative

When lowered, exterior retractable solar screens stop 80% to 90% of the sun's energy from entering your home1, reducing indoor temperatures by up to 25° and air conditioning loads by up to 50%2. In winter, solar screens help reduce heat loss through windows.

Interior retractable solar screens are ideal for protecting your possessions, adding privacy, and reducing sun glare. They block 50% to 80% of solar heat entering your home through windows3. They're less efficient than exterior screens, but typically also less expensive.

A research group studied the energy savings of exterior and interior shading systems and found that grey-white exterior screens lowered indoor temperatures by 22°, while grey-white indoor screens lowered temperatures by 7°.4

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Photo of Durasol retractable exterior solar screenDuraShade® Retractable Solar Screens

Durasol's DuraShade retractable solar screens add function, style, and efficiency to your home while allowing you to control light, heat gain, and privacy.

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Photo of ABC Sun Control retractable exterior solar screenRetractable Solar Screens from abc Sun Control

Retractable solar screens from abc Sun Control provide excellent solar protection and glare reduction while maintaining your view of the outside.

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