Rolling Shutters

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Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters are a unique, multifaceted sun control product that offers many benefits to your home:

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Photo of Roll-A-Shield rolling shuttersConserve Energy and Block the Sun

In the closed position, rolling shutters keep out almost all of the sun's light and heat, significantly lowering the temperature inside your home, especially during hot summer days. Independent engineering tests have proven that Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters can reduce energy usage by as much as 50% with the shutters in the closed position all day1. Many customers report actual savings of 25–30%. In winter, rolling shutters reduce heat loss through a window or a door by up to 20%2.

Add Security and Privacy

When a rolling shutter is completely closed, it locks automatically, making it almost impenetrable. A typical burglar that sees a home protected by rolling shutters knows that they're in for hassles, delays, and noise, so they look for another target. Many law enforcement representatives say these shutters are the best deterrent against unwanted guests.

Reduce Noise, Light, Pollution, and Dust

Rolling shutters reduce outside noise, limiting traffic sounds and other distractions. Use rolling shutters to reduce glare in your computer room and darken home theaters. Plus, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of dust you don't find on your window sills, especially after an extended vacation.

How Rolling Shutters Work

Photo of Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters

Rolling shutters consist of hinged-together aluminum slats that roll up and down inside guide rails mounted outside a window or door. When the rolling shutter is open, the slats are out of view, rolled up into the shutter box mounted above the opening.

Small vents are built into each slat to allow a moderate amount of ventilation and filtered light into your home when the shutter is down but not closed and locked. You can adjust the amount of incoming light by raising or lowering the shutter, stopping it at any point. Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters lock automatically when completely closed.

For convenience and safety, you control rolling shutters from the inside of your home—manually, electrically, or by remote control. Key switches, timers, and overrides for emergency exits are also available.

Typically, rolling shutters are installed on the exterior of your home, usually covering a window or door. However, almost any opening can be covered: you can enclose a patio or screened porch, close off a pass-through opening, cover a pet door, close off a TV niche, etc.

Custom Made in the USA

Roll-A-Shield is the premier rolling shutter firm in the industry today. Their shutters are among the highest quality and longest lasting rolling blinds on the market. It's a family-owned business located in Tempe, Arizona. For 32 years, they've custom-built rolling shutters in their Phoenix and Tempe facilities and installed thousands of Roll-A-Shield shutters on Phoenix-area homes and businesses.

Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters are made using materials from Heroal, known worldwide as the foremost manufacturer of rolling shutter components. Somfy, the largest manufacturer of tubular motors, supplies motors and associated electronics for every electrically operated unit.

Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters come with a five-year warranty on materials, but they will last far longer than that. Many of the Roll-A-Shield shutters installed over the past 30 years are still going up and down every day.

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